Wooded Ranch Deck Rebuild

By ryan, April 12, 2014

The Before Picture


How it started


This began as a rental that had a deteriorated deck.  The wood on the deck surface had become spongy and soft at points, and in other swollen and dried out.  The wood was stained gray from the elements and even had algae growing on it.

The Surface

First I just dove into the deck surface.  I measured the surface area and calculated the amount of 5/4″ x 6″ deck boards that would be needed.  I decided the staircase was acceptable and could be repaired later using a power-washer and a new finish.

I pulled out the boards in sets and filled them in with the new boards (focusing on the full length boards).  I did this over the course of a few weekends little by little.

The Cleanup

Once the boards were laid I cleaned the frame using a power-washer, removing all color and attempting to get closer to the “new wood” color of the surface.  This must be done with care as a power-washer has the ability to tear into the wood – this is bad.  Think more like a “sand blast” then carving or light spraying.

The Gate


The gate was an interesting story.  The original was a hinged gate that stopped just at the top of the stairs.  Having kids I felt it would be safer if a kid hopped a gate to fall onto a landing rather than down the stairs.  The gate however was broken so I had nothing more than the frame as the hinges were broken and rusted.

I recycled the gate and configured a track system for the gate to pull through.  It had a lock on the inside that held it against the main post it pulled away from (back lock).  Added wheels for a smooth roll and you see where that went….

The Finish

The finish was interesting.  I started with Cedar Naturaltone (2 gallons),  an error at the hardware store left me with 5 gallons of ceder… I just switched colors and went cedar.

Finishing it up

A little garden and yardwork and the house went from leaves on move in to a decent back yard with a nice deck.