The Kittrell Company

March 16, 2017

Real Estate – Stylish and Responsive Business Card style site with update features Visit Site –

Poe’s Quality Customs

August 12, 2016

Simple business card site with portfolio visit site

ESCO Retail

May 15, 2016

ESCO is a site that had less than 1 week turnaround with my employer Allegro.  This job was tasked to me and completed as planned.  I found a design that fit what the customer needed and created a web video to run in the background as they requested. visit site:

MBE Performance Heads

May 15, 2016

MBE I have done several things with – on a few different website templates they have used.  I have updated product pages and also set up systems to display the product specifications and associated prices for configurable options. visit site

Top Knobs

May 15, 2015

Topknobs is one of my favorite sites.  This is my primary site at Allegro Consultants.  The list of things I have done with this site are far beyond explanation. A few items I created a Dealer Locator that uses Zipcodes and measures distance between latitude and longitude stored in a database I have assembled over the […]

EZ Gun (Camfour)

May 15, 2015

Camfour (ezgun) is a company managed by Allegro Consultants that I work for.  This is one of my primary sites I maintain with them. I have custom built the checkout processes, the inventory process and several other things.   This is a Magento site that does thing Magento does NOT do out of the box. […]

My Social Calendar

May 15, 2014

Another current customer of my business Better Pixels Group.  They required a backend integration into a CRM on a different server.  That CRM provides calendar and login data to the frontend e-commerce site. visit site

The Kittrell Company

May 15, 2013

The Kittrell Company is a local Richmond VA home builder.  They required a site with the ability to manage homes for sale, display a gallery, and show home plans that could be built.  Currently still a customer hosting on our system. visit:

Flipix Social Club

May 15, 2013

Flipix required a custom site – using SugarCRM and a custom frontend to track and manage users.   Users would create “dates” and other users could interact to obtain a “date” with the poster.  Messages could be exchanged and one user could have multiple dates.   VERY complicated development that took a few months to […]

STS Emergency Response Unit

May 15, 2011

This company was a quick side project early in my career.  They required a quick turn around for a decent price.