Creative Problem Solver

Getting Started

January 14, 2015

Getting a website started isn’t usually a “happen instantly” kind of thing.  A lot of work goes into it.  I recently released several sites and on a high level it goes something as follows Set up server If using VM/Cloud server – setup and config Set DNS to server Install base system (Magento, WordPress, Joomla, […]

My Social Calendar

May 15, 2014

Another current customer of my business Better Pixels Group.  They required a backend integration into a CRM on a different server.  That CRM provides calendar and login data to the frontend e-commerce site. visit site

Wooded Ranch Deck Rebuild

April 12, 2014

The Before Picture How it started This began as a rental that had a deteriorated deck.  The wood on the deck surface had become spongy and soft at points, and in other swollen and dried out.  The wood was stained gray from the elements and even had algae growing on it. The Surface First I […]

The Kittrell Company

May 15, 2013

The Kittrell Company is a local Richmond VA home builder.  They required a site with the ability to manage homes for sale, display a gallery, and show home plans that could be built.  Currently still a customer hosting on our system. visit:

Flipix Social Club

May 15, 2013

Flipix required a custom site – using SugarCRM and a custom frontend to track and manage users.   Users would create “dates” and other users could interact to obtain a “date” with the poster.  Messages could be exchanged and one user could have multiple dates.   VERY complicated development that took a few months to […]

STS Emergency Response Unit

May 15, 2011

This company was a quick side project early in my career.  They required a quick turn around for a decent price.

Colonial Downs

May 15, 2010

Many things done with Colonial Downs from Print Design, Web Design, Account Wagering Betting Terminal Installation and MUCH more.  This was an awesome job with awesome co-workers.   The image of the site used here wasn’t the latest but this is what I have left. I also set up a 3D walkthrough on the website, […]

Promotional Calendar

August 11, 2008

Colonial Downs Race Promotional Calendar Click here to view PDF (18MB)

Colonial Downs Media Guide 2009

August 11, 2008

Colonial Downs Media Guide – I did a few years of these for them. This was just one year example. Click here to view PDF (5MB)

125 Gallon Discus Tank

April 21, 2008

A while back ago I used to keep Discus – Freshwater Cichlids from the Amazon River/Rio Negro.  This was one of a few tanks I had.  I did classify this as my display tank at that time (the largest of all) The difficulty with this tank was the use of both flora and fauna.  Mixing […]