Getting Started

By ryan, January 14, 2015

Getting a website started isn’t usually a “happen instantly” kind of thing.  A lot of work goes into it.  I recently released several sites and on a high level it goes something as follows

  • Set up server
    • If using VM/Cloud server – setup and config
    • Set DNS to server
  • Install base system (Magento, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal – etc)
  • Set up template
    • Change Styles
    • Gather and Create Images/Icons
    • Adjust Layouts
    • View/Test on Laptop, Tablet and Phone
  • Gather and optimize copy that is written on the site
  • Set custom functionality
    • Hook to other systems
    • Custom logic
  • Test
    • Update as needed looping back to test
  • Release
    • If following proper development, you would release the code from the development environment into the production environment – same process but file/database transfer replaces templates and custom functions.

As you see each of these steps could be broken into several smaller steps (and I am sure I am overlooking a few other things as well – depending on the site)