OOP Use Case for Flickr

January 17, 2015

Setting up my site and integrating with my flickr account – I noticed the rather procedural methods to the flickr api. Below is the sample provided by flickr: # # build the API URL to call # $params = array( ‘api_key’ => ’81e7e11aeac57ac668609d316f6388ce’, ‘method’ => ‘flickr.photos.getInfo’, ‘photo_id’ => ‘251875545’, ‘format’ => ‘php_serial’, );   $encoded_params […]

Objects PHP Accessor Functions and Magento

January 16, 2015

OOP (Object Oriented Programming) is a concept that is difficult to truly understand early in development.  The best analogy is the Taxonomy of Life (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species) and inheritance of the levels above you. In Magento these levels are more like: Layout, Resource, Block, Config, Model, Controller and Helper.  There are […]

Getting Started

January 14, 2015

Getting a website started isn’t usually a “happen instantly” kind of thing.  A lot of work goes into it.  I recently released several sites and on a high level it goes something as follows Set up server If using VM/Cloud server – setup and config Set DNS to server Install base system (Magento, WordPress, Joomla, […]