125 Gallon Discus Tank

By ryan, April 21, 2008

A while back ago I used to keep Discus – Freshwater Cichlids from the Amazon River/Rio Negro.  This was one of a few tanks I had.  I did classify this as my display tank at that time (the largest of all)

The difficulty with this tank was the use of both flora and fauna.  Mixing the 2 is not easy when you are working with high water temps, low oxygen and low (acidic) PH.  Below is a link to an old thread on a site I used while I kept the tank.  I logged a large amount of a few months tinkering with this tank.   Actually this tank ran for a few years so this is just a portion before I moved and broke it down.


  •  Hood (I made)
    • 3 Dual Bulb Florescent Ballasts (2 overdriven – 1 not)
    • 2 timers driving 3 different light cycles
      • low light (2 non overdriven bulbs – 1 ballast)
      • high light (all bulbs – this ran about 2 hours a day only for plant growing)
      • night – blue led bulbs, no florescent
  • Tank
    • 2 large HOB (hang on back) filters
    • 1 canister filter
    • 3-4 large heaters
    • Discus, Cardinal Tetras, Corydoras and at one point Rams
  • Stand (I made)
    • Housed a 10 gallon tank I rotated between fish and small reptiles over the usage of it

And here are a few of the stages of the tank from the tread linked above:

IMG_2039 IMG_2038 IMG_2037 IMG_2040